On April 14, 1986 BCU Radio began operating as Briar Cliff College’s student-run radio station under the call letters KLIF. Associate Professor Ralph Swain managed a Title III grant to secure the radio equipment. Over the years, BCU Radio has groomed dozens of students who chose a future in radio broadcasting.

BCU Radio broadcasts from the Briar Cliff University campus by way of CableOne educational access Channel 12 on campus and channel 60 off campus and streaming online. A potential local listening audience of 120,000 people in Sioux City, Sergeant Bluff, North Sioux City, McCook Lake, and Dakota Dunes are listening in.

The BCU Radio staff and announcers serve an important function in airing new music from emerging music groups and artists instead of emulating the typical Top 40 commercial format. In effect, BCU Radio is on the cutting edge of new music and serves a vital function for the local audience.

As a brand of the Briar Cliff University’s Digital Media Department, we strive to entertain and inform the community by providing cutting edge music as well as informational, educational, and Catholic programming. It is also our goal to uphold the values implemented by Briar Cliff University and to offer a higher learning opportunity for students.

Catholic Radio Programming on BCU Radio is made possible by the generosity of the Father John Cain Endowment.