About the Bakan Show:

The Bakan Show is a radio talk show that broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Father John Cain Studios on the campus of Briar Cliff University. The show includes a variety of great music, weekly giveaways, the daily Question of the Day, and more! Prizes are given away every Thursday to the winner of that week’s contest, who can be found on any of our three social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

The hosts of the show are:

Baily, a sophomore, grown locally in Sioux City. She is a Mass Communications major and Photography minor, and has a passion for radio. She has a slight addiction to chicken nuggets and manages to get chased by a woodland creature at least once a week, due to her hatred of running and short stature. 

Kyle, a sophomore from Hawaii, who is LOVING THE SNOW (joking). He is a Mass Communications and Journalism major and plays on the football team here at BCU. He loves most sports, all types of music, especially musicals, and is currently sharing an apartment style dorm with three of his best friends who are trying to figure out the ways of Glee. 


Megan, also a sophomore is a Nebraskan, (but she hates corn) WHAT!? She is currently an Art and Mass Communications double major with photography and art history as her minors. She is ambitious, except when she is watching anything with Gordon Ramsay, then all is lost. She also loves cacti and The Nightmare Before Christmas. 


Fun Fact:

The Bakan Show was named after the hosts who are huge fans of bacon! 

The "Ba" is from Baily.

The "K" is from Kyle.

The "an" is from Megan.